Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special


Why is it held in February?

One of Kyoto’s winter attractions, the February-limited food event, Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special, will be held again.

This event is now entering its ninth year, having gained great popularity year by year. We had more than 20,000 customers and achieved over 100 million yen in total sales in a month last year, which made another new record. I personally feel that this event has been garnering attention little by little as an annual winter event in Kyoto. I would like to thank all the shops that have participated and all the customers who have visited so far, for making it possible to hold this event again this year.

In the event of Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special 2018, a truly wide variety of 200 shops and restaurants, from long-established traditional cuisine, buckwheat noodles, eel, sushi, to Italian, French, and Western-style, to Kyotoites’ favorite griddle meat, up-and-coming ingenious dishes under the innovative genre, to sweets, are all offering elaborate dishes using winter Kyoto ingredients, only in February.

Also, 150 years have passed since the Meiji Restoration this year, and the city of Kyoto will be organizing various events commemorating the Restoration. As part of that in this Winter Special event, some restaurants related to the Meiji period will be serving specially recreated dishes, and some architecture and traditions of the era will be highlighted, so visitors can enjoy Kyoto from a different perspective.

Drawing wide attention internationally, Kyoto has been receiving more and more foreign visitors. We have our official website prepared in English as well, and are waiting for visitors from overseas. We hope that as many customers as possible take this opportunity to experience the food culture in Kyoto, and that this event can continue well into the future.

Kuniyasu Sasaki
Head of the executive committee of Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special

Authentic cuisine are all the product of artistic skills

This year again, Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special season has come.

This is the ninth year of this event, and a record-number 200 shops are participating with their specially selected menus. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to each store and all the people who have contributed to this event.

The year 2018 marks the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration. To commemorate this, we have introduced some restaurants related to the Meiji period, and some menus associated with the era will be provided. We hope that you will not only smack your lips with relish over the meal, but also give more than a passing thought to the Restoration which opened the doors to the modernization of Japan.

Although Kyoto in February is notorious for its penetrating cold weather, it is the season filled with dignified, clear air, and is less busy, offering the optimal time for you to look around the city. We genuinely hope you will enjoy special dishes that each shop prepares with pride, and make wonderful memories in winter Kyoto.

Daisaku Kadokawa,
Mayor of Kyoto City